Avery Hand Embroidered Cottontail Bunny Dress

Regular price $ 68.00

The Avery Dress is made in the softest 100% cotton blue twill fabric featuring a hand embroidered bunny with the cutest cottontail we ever did see! Made in the USA. 

FREE SHIPPING!!! (Note: Please purchase other items separately. If other items are purchased with your Avery Dress, we will send a separate invoice for shipping charges, if applicable. These will ship separately from all other items on the website).  

These are already in production and will ship in time for Easter. Perfect all spring long!  

Flex Pay is available with coupon code 'FLEX'. 

Dress lengths: 18m - 18", 2t - 20", 3t - 21", 4t - 22", 5 - 24", 6 - 25", 7 - 27", 8 - 28"

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